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The OrangePi-i96 is one of the least expensive SBC's capable of running Linux. It is a member of the Linaro i96 family, and has a 40 pin connector that has been standardized by Linaro.

However, the currently shipping version of the OPi-i96 powers up in such a way that many of the GPIO pins are not available.

If you wish to simply correct the state of the i96 GPIO pins, download and run this little program as root. You can skip the rest of this doc.

The rest of this application note describes a few changes that can help get the OPi-i96 into a working and usable state.

  1. make the operating system bootable
  2. fix the GPIO control settings
  3. fix the I2C data speed
  4. other general comments

Note: This document was written without using the WiringPi utility, because I could not get it working on the OrangePi-i96. I wrote my own, called opio

Note: Almost all of these notes also apply to the OrangePi 2G-IOT board.

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