A Linux/BSD app to add comments to files. The comments are stored in a database, and where possible, in the xattr field of the filesystem. There is a GUI, using Python3+Qt5. There is also a terminal (curses) version and a command-line (scriptable).

Updated 1 month ago

A small command-line tool to display and control GPIO pins on the OrangePi-i96 and OrangePi-2Giot boards. Both are based on the RDA8810. Replaces WiringPi/gpio

Updated 8 months ago

patb / tf
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TF is a small command line for a MicroPython target.

Updated 8 months ago

Documentation and apps for the OrangePi-i96 board. Fixes the GPIO access, and includes notes to help make the board more useable

Updated 1 year ago